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Individual coaching
Ever wondered,
What would happen if you overcame your limiting beliefs?
And instead pointed your energy towards building a life that you genuinely enjoy living?
What is coaching?

Coaching is about exploring a person's potential and the mechanisms that hold them down from reaching it. It builds awareness, empowers choice and leads to change.

A coach's job will vary depending on where the client is in life and what they hope to achieve. At times it will be to support the client, at others it will be to team up in a brainstorming session about the actions to take. And certainly sometimes it will be to challenge the client's beliefs about themselves and the way they show up in their world. Some people come to coaching because they're feeling stuck with work; others might be unhappy with a personal relationship or looking for more meaning in their life. These are all coaching topics.

Most clients discover that their outside results are a reflection of their inner world. This is the realm of coaching – inner work with an outlook for its manifestation on the outside.
Our work will involve:
  • 1
    We will start with clarifying your goals and what makes them matter to you
  • 2
    Often something will come up, including inner conflicts, that stand in your way
  • 3
    We will look at where you will need to adjust or expand in order to get to your goals
  • 4
    I will invite you to both succeed and fail forward. And learn from both
How to start:

1. Book a free 30-minute introduction meeting below.

2. If we decide that we want to work together and once we have an understanding of your goals – we can decide on the number of sessions that will be useful.

If you are ready – be prepared to go on a journey of self-awareness, uncovered dreams, new perspectives and laughter at your own fears. Yes, they don't really go away completely, but they can loosen their grip on you.

Looking forward to exploring with you!
What my clients are saying
Questions? Email me: anton@talented-u.com
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