Behind the scenes from photo shoots

The process from the other side of the camera. With my comments.
Spoken in Russian with English subtitles.
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InStyle with Givenchy and Natalia Yakimchik
A beauty collaboration with InStyle magazine and Givenchy's artistic director of makeup Nicolas Degennes. Shot in St Petersburg.
Harper's Bazaar with actress Yulia Snigir
Shot at an estate outside of Moscow with a bit of flash, reflectors and lots of wind!
A special project with Erdem x H&M.
Hello magazine with actors Irina Gorbacheva and husband Grigory Kalinin
Moscow. Red October. One of the first b&w shoots for Hello. Most of it is shot on f2.8.
Marie Claire: a lake feel inside a studio
How we created a summer story in the middle of cold April inside a studio. Soft light with a bit if of a warm sunny feel and retro style.
Shoot in Normandy for L'Officiel
How we photographed a story on this so-called summer's day in √Čtretat, France, for the September issue. Later to be published in L'Officiel Germany.
Swimwear shoot for Elle Girl
Shooting in Greece on a perfect windless sunny day.
First ever fashion shoot inside the Moscow's Kremlin walls for Aizel
We are inside the Kremlin itself! 4am start, 10am wrap.
Sonya Esman for Elle Girl
Cover shoot in Greece (day one of the same trip as the swimwear shoot above) where we were met by unexpectedly strong wind and a story morning weather.